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Sushil Koirala

I had the pleasure to work together with Ilse Errygers briefly in Damien Foundation and mainly organizing and hosting the Royal visit (Princess Astrid) from Belgium and delegates. I found her very good working with media and getting the news reports that non profit organisations do. She is very good in media management and branding. A very pleasant personality to work with.

Philip Bynens

Ik heb Ilse gekend als direct ledinggevende in een change traject in 2018 bij IPG Contact Solutions, haar grote sterktes zijn voor mij het feit dat ze het people aspect steeds als prioriteit heeft en haar doorgedreven positivisme. Dit zijn 2 onontbeerlijke aspecten voor een leidinggevende in ieder succesvol change traject.

Olaf Van Bever

Being a seasoned, highly adaptable professional, Ilse, is an outstanding leader. I had the pleasure of working with Ilse at IPG where she worked as COO and change manager. The open communication, the placing things in perspective but also not afraid to take hard decisions make her a uniquely qualified lady. Needless to say, but she outperformed her targets, even when these targets seemed far out of reach of what could be done in the short time frames given. She has a true talent for communicating and negotiating where the outcome is beneficial for all involved.
What an exceptional gift! She proved herself to be well respected and highly regarded by all stakeholders (including Unions during a restructuring with layoffs). I would love to have the opportunity to work with Ilse again.

Sigrid Baeyens

In volle transformatie zijn deze 3 fases heel herkenbaar. En van zodra je deze (h)erkend, dan kan je als leidinggevende of als HR deze op de juiste manier begeleiden en de correcte coaching voorzien. We zien dit dagelijks in het proces waar we doorgaan op ons huidig project. #we❤️change! #I❤️theArroWingWay

Sigrid Baeyens

I've had the true privilege of working together with Ilse Errygers in her function as Operations Director within IPG Contact Solutions N.V. She is engaged into the projects she leads with an great balance between operations, financials, human resources and human capital. She is really handson when needed and always looks ahead to the long term consequences. She takes the right desicions in the continously changing world of service centers. She is passionate about her mission and a real motivator. For me she redefined the meaning of the verb ‘to move’. I called it ‘the Errygers move’ : always in the right direction, with an eye on the business and a heart for the people involved. Her insights in our organisation make her succesfull in achieving the goals. She really listens to the needs of an organisation and instinctively she takes the rights decisions. The only regret I have, is that our professional paths will seperate at the end of June 2018 as my project ends within IPG Contact Solutions N.V., but I would co-work again with Ilse at any given moment and I highly recommend her distinctive qualities for anyone that is looking for a true professional.

Ilse, thank you : you are an inspiration !

Olivier Chaineux

Ilse est un véritable boost pour les sociétés dans lesquelles elle vient apporter son support. Sa riche expérience lui permet d'analyser, de repérer et de proposer rapidement des solutions durables aux obstacles rencontrés. Et ce, qu'ils soient structurels, opérationnels, ou organisationnels. Ilse possède la faculté naturelle lui permettant d'élever le potentiel de chacun à son paroxysme dans un but commun, le succès! Ce n'est pas seulement un coach, mais aussi un mentor! Ses qualités relationnelles lui permettent aussi de consolider la confiance entre les partenaires concernés. Confiance qui est rapidement entérinée pas les résultats obtenus sous son leadership. "Expertise - Leadership - Innovation - Motivation" sont à mes yeux les traits représentant Ilse au travers de ses missions. J'espère sincèrement avoir d'autres opportunités de collaborer avec Ilse dans le futur.

Olivier Chaineux

Over de symbolische voorstelling: J'aime beaucoup! Les logos sont très chouette et correspondent aux catégories sans aller dans un jugement de valeur visuel. Ils ne sous entendent pas un état de supériorité entre les catégories, juste un état de comparaison entre des profils dan lesquels tous peuvent se reconnaître sans se sentir juger négativement. Donc aussi très bien pour APA. Good job boss!

APA staat voor een ‘Agent Performance Analyse’ tool waarbij we Team Coaches in een Contact Solutions Center van 1.800 Advisors een Toolbox geven om gericht de kwaliteit en performantie te verbeteren op een efficiënte en uniforme manier.

Jeremy Visage

Merci pour le plan de transformation, les challenges et les synergies qui nous ont animés. A nous d’être à la hauteur de ce que tu nous as apporté, mais sans aucun doute tu peux compter sur nos ambitions.
J’apprécie beaucoup et n’hésiterai pas à venir vers toi, mes meilleurs vœux et à bientôt.


Over de symbolische voorstelling: Bonsoir Ilse J’adhère à 100%
C’est original et pas de mot pour mettre qui que ce soit dans une case.

In deze reactie van José gaat het erover dat mensen die worden gecoacht niet worden “bestempeld” of in een “box” (une case) worden geplaatst met een slechte of minder goede connotatie. Dat werkt anti-productief, en spijtig genoeg op de dag van vandaag in bedrijven teveel toegepast wat dan dikwijls uitmondt in een individueel actieplan ipv. een gerichte coaching op basis van afgesproken parameters om te kunnen verbeteren.

In een evolutie is elke fase goed en nodig om tot het gewenste resultaat te komen.

Fabio Sabatino

Quel plaisir de travailler avec Ilse. Elle est professionnelle, performante, disponible. Grâce à son expérience, j’ai pu évoluer tout en gardant mon autonomie.

Dirk De Loecker

Many years ago, I had the privilege to work with Ilse. Ilse introduced me to operational project management. Although I changed the lay-out many times over the last decade, the content of all my current project plans (scope, definition, reporting, target, timing,...) still remains the same. This proves that the methodology and skills Ilse taught me were/are solid as a rock. Thanks for inspiring me.

Rakesh Bhavan

I worked with Ilse during the implementation of the Happy Days loyalty programme in Belgium. Ilse was the interim Program Manager and responsible for keeping the implementation on track even with the challenges of changing requirements from the strategic partners (Fortis Bank, Shell and GB). It was a pleasure working with Ilse, as she ensured that last minute challenges were calmly addressed and resulted in the project being implementation smoothly and on time.

She also ensured that I had a pleasant working environment, which was especially important as I was coming from NZ working in Belgium for the first time.

Tony Chase

Ilse has a dynamic personality and directs absolute passion and commitment to the task at hand. She has an intelligent, analytical yet inclusive approach which draws the best performance from those around her, as such, she is capable of welding disparate viewpoints into singular purpose and outcome.

Kai Linnervuo

I had a pleasure to work with Ilse the time when communications market started to boom with hi-speed modems in the 90's. Ilse, working for USRobotics that time was very passionate and professional Sales Director who helped us reaching the solid market dominator position for the modem markets in Finland. The innovative concept for new "Sportster" product line for commercial markets and for "Courier" product line for professional markets helped us to achieve Market Excellence Award world wide. Then we launched USR Palm Pilot PDAs for markets again reaching all challenging sales targets.

Ilse is a REAL Sales Director with great attitude and motivation skills helping our local sales team to success.

Karin Weuts

Ilse is a true change and project manager. She can motivate people and gets them to go for a project, by the natural way she has with people and change. She keeps her goal in mind, but adjusts her strategy if needed to keep the buy in from her people and to become the best outcome for the company and its customers.

Karin Weuts was WFM Manager bij TELENET. Karin rapporteerde in die functie rechtstreeks aan Ilse.

Hugo de Rijk

During the testing and implementation period of the European part of this project I had the pleasure to work with her.
This is a woman who delivers what she promises(!!) and participates in finding solutions when working with different cultures.

Bruno Verlinden

Ilse and CEVA worked together on a major re-engineering project. She helped one of our customers in the start-up of an EMEA customer contact cent in the Tsjech republic. She brings to her projects vast experience, pragmatic project-management, good listening, energy and flexibility. I saw her sticking to the plan and energizing a team while being for from home... She's nice and will deliver!

Joris Amez

Ilse is a hands-on professional with huge project knowledge, management skills and empowerment to get the things done.
She is for sure an asset in any customer service oriented / focussed project.
Thank you for working together on the Fenwal implementation in EMEA.


Armie Bombino

Ilse supported the development of a new customer service organization with Fenwal Europe with a startup in March 2008. She worked very well with a very diverse team of people to meet very difficult timelines as per the schedule. She was very open when issues were discovered and worked through them very effectively.

Ken Kucera

Ilse was a valauble part of our Customer Service outsourcing implementation in Europe where she demonstrated strong project management and team building skills. She was responsbile for connecting various groups within our business to ensure solid customer service for our customers. She demonstrated a high energy level and unending committment to seeing the project be successful.

Catherine Van Rossum

Ilse is a hands-on program manager, able to influence strategic decisions and build consensus to set business priorities in a changing environment. As a colleague, it is good to see that she has fun working. As a boss, she is a good listener and effective coach.

Jan Vervoort

Ilse and I worked together on a rather complex project, with multiple suppliers, customers and vendors, launching a customer fidelity card involving partners from retail, banking and oil industry. I admired Ilse's professionalism, how she kept her calmness during hectic times; had a flair in people management that kept on motivating all actors involved, but inbetween she could stick to the goals of the programme...

It was a pleasure and enriching to work with her!

Guido Hendrickx

Typically Ilse, in her role as PMO within the Service Organisation, she will go to that limit to keep projects on track and she will not except any 'sabotage' of her PM's whatsoever. Thank you Ilse for your guidance and support in my first year as project leader.

Cathy Misson

I've had the pleasure working with Ilse during more than 1 year, helping her in the implemention of our PMO Governance process within Banksys/Atos Worldline. Ilse has completed her mission by leaving us the memory of a very professional and brave woman, always finding the correct balance between the requirements of her PMO function and the right way to find a result without hurting anyone. I wish you the best of success in your never ending projects life ;o)

Jean-Michel Dasnoy

Ilse was hired as a consultant and interim manager to professionalize project management in the Marketing, Sales and Services division. She succeeded in setting up and handing over a complete project management office, through her vision, empathy, hard work and persistency.

Erwin Habets

Ilse was my business contact in the IT Governance process that I manage at Banksys. She has successfully implemented structures and processes into the commercial way of thinking and acting and thus considerately facilitated Business - IT alignment. One of her greatest qualities is that she always remains constructive, even when consensus can’t be reached.


I've had the opportunity to work with Ilse for +6 months on project where she acted as a the most senior manager. She brought a very clear strategic vision, articulated an effective action plan to reach the project's goals, and supervised all aspects of its successful implementation. She proved to be the most effective turnaround manager and a very charming lady.

Gilbert Bentein

At the end of the nineties I had the honour to work for and with Ilse. She was OFFON ‘s Business Development Manager for the introduction of the Transics on-board computer in Europe and I was her product development manager. I felt our cooperation was very efficient: Ilse worked more on a strategic level and I more on a operational level. I really appreciated her management and personal skills. I would certainly recommend Ilse for any senior management position that is within her field of expertise.

Marc Dorny

I have worked several times with Ilse Errygers, when she acted as change manager on behalf of my company. Ilse is a hard working, dynamic person who is at her best in the role of change manager, turnaround manager or program manager in complex and challenging environments where the top management is committed to change. She has worked for me in the areas of customer service, call center, PMO office and business development. She can initiate change, but also looks for solutions that continue to work even after she has left. Ilse is an excellent communicator (oral and written).

Daniel Braeckman

Hired as interim manager, Ilse succesfully implemented project management process and best practices in the customer service organisation. Ilse brings added value on strategy level and reveals herself as an efficient operational turn around manager. She is supporting you with enthousiasm and a very professional attitude.

Yves Cochet

When I was vice-president of Mobistar in charge of Customer and partners services I had recruited Ilse as interim manager.

At the end of the 90ties and the beginning of 2000th the managing of growth was a real challenge for our organisation and the lack of senior managers in some departments at a certain moment of Mobistar life was very problematic for keeping our target. Ilse, as interim manager, in our Customer Services department has really helped us. As senior manager she brought her strong experience in managing important organisations. Her objective and being solving problems minded have been very efficient. Her positive energy connected to her capacity to structure and manage organisations on helicopter and day to day view, during long months, were very satisfying.

She has the performance culture and I recommend her in people management, change management and objective driving.

Yves Cochet

Mobistar is now ORANGE.

Eric Van den Rul

Ilse has worked for me in order to set up a Program Office for Electrabel e-Business projects. She is a very reliable person showing dedication to her job, honesty and integrity in her reporting. It has been a real pleasure for me to work with her.

Filip Simoens

Ilse is a highly professional executive with a sharp eye on getting results. She is a person who can initiate an entrepreneurial drive in an organisation.

Philippe Gouverneur

I was impressed by Ilse's ability to smoothly and efficiently drive structural changes in the organization and to introduce best practices in term of program & project management. As colleague, I really appreciated the combination of Ilse's professional and human skills.

Thierry Aerts

Ilse is a person who dares moving forward or changing established situations while keeping a no non-sense approach. She delegates up to the right level while sharing her broad and rich experience. Working with her has been a real pleasure and a truly motivating experience.


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